Graduate Program in Statistics

Graduate Program in Statistics at Rutgers University

The Statistics Department offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.  The Ph.D. degree is intended for students with strong mathematical backgrounds who are wishing to pursue research-oriented careers in academia or industry.  The Ph.D. program is structured with these goals in mind, with the first year curriculum covering foundational topics in probability, mathematical statistics, and applied/computational statistics.  First year course material makes up the material of the qualifying exam, taken by all Ph.D. students before the start of their second year.  Upon passing the qualifying exam, students go on to complete a Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of world class faculty with expertise in all manner statistical disciplines.  Please see the faculty listing from the main department web site for more information on faculty research interests.

Besides the regular M.S. degree in Applied Statistics, students have the option to choose specializations in Industrial Quality Management, Biostatistics, and Data Mining.  Past graduates of the M.S. program have gone on to have successful careers in pharmaceutical research and development, telecommunications, educational testing, financial services, environmental research, imaging technology, actuarial sciences, quality management, and consulting.

The Statistics Department also operates MS programs in Financial Statistics and Risk Management and Data Science.

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Co-Graduate Program Director:
Harry Crane

Co-Graduate Program Director:
Tirthankar Dasgupta