Speaker: Jim Berger, Duke University
"Working with Inexact Models: The World of Computer
Discussant: William Strawderman, Rutgers University     

Speaker: Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard University
"30 Years of Bootstrap and Multiple Imputation: Joint Replications versus Conditional Replications" Slides
Discussant: Zhiqiang Tan, Rutgers University Slides

Speaker: Ed George, University of Pennsylvania
"Discovering Regression Structure with a Bayesian Ensemble" Slides
Discussant: Ying Hung, Rutgers University Slides
Speaker: Mark Van der Laan, University of California, Berkeley
"Multiple Testing, Super Learning and Targeted Maximum Likelihood: Causal Biomarker Discovery"  Slides
Discussant: John Storey, Princeton University
Keynote Speaker: Bradley Efron, Stanford University
"Bootstrap Methods and the Accuracy of Large-Scale Estimates" Slides
Discussant: Kesar Singh, Rutgers University