Eileen is the program coordinator for the Department of Statistics. During her tenure in the department, the percentage of students who meet their yearly academic goals within stipulated deadlines has almost reached 100%. Eileen’s key contribution lies in building better systems through proper documentation of tasks, improved communication with students and faculty, and creating proper monitoring devices like automated reminders. She has also consistently scheduled meetings with the department chair and the graduate directors to establish work plans and notably provides reminders and follow-ups. This is also an area where Eileen has shown all the qualities that an efficient problem solver should possess – communication, timeliness, adaptability, flexibility, and above all, empathy and compassion. Eileen has quickly gotten into the role of the de facto-mother figure for students who are in need of encouragement or a morale boost. Her care for the students often translates into being the first to know whether students need special attention or being invited to celebrations of personal successes.

2023 Arts and Sciences Staff Excellence Recognition Awards