The typical length of a MS project will be 10 or more double-spaced pages.

  1. ABSTRACT: A brief summary (150 words) should state the purpose of the methods and the main approach.
  2. INTRODUCTION: This section should describe the purpose of research, and possibly the previous work the research builds on including:
    1. Justify why the research is needed.
    2. Briefly summary of the literature on previous work in this area.
    3. Present the objectives of the study.
  3. STATISTICAL METHODOLOGY: This section should describe the statistical approaches. The section should clarify the extent to which the proposed method has theoretical justification, and why it is superior to current methods.
  4. IMPLEMENTATION: This section describes the methods (usually software) used for implementation. Preferably, the programs used are attached as an Appendix.
  5. APPLICATION: At least one application of the method should be presented. Some details should be given on the particular setting, source of data, etc. first. The new methods should then be applied and compared to application of current approaches, if any exist.
  6. DISCUSSION: Discuss potential implications of the new methods. Describe and limitations and areas for further research.
  7. TABLES: If the new methods generate statistical thresholds for tests or measures of size / power, present some tables of representative values.
  8. FIGURES [May or may not be Helpful for a Masters Projects]