Welcome to the home page of the Office of Statistical Consulting!

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, established the Office of Statistical Consulting (OSC) in the Department of Statistics in 1983 to meet the ever increasing demand for advice on collecting and analyzing data. The Rutgers Department of Statistics is one of the oldest statistics departments in the nation and ranks among the best. It has a strong, energetic, and highly interdisciplinary faculty with diverse skills. Researchers from a broad range of disciplines, including bio-informatics, medicine, life sciences, social sciences, computer science, education, library science, and industry, can receive expert assistance from the OSC. Quality is ensured by the active participation of statistics faculty members, allowing researchers both inside and outside Rutgers to draw on the most current knowledge of the best statistical techniques. The OSC has also established new initiatives for promoting collaborative interdisciplinary research to meet current research trends.


  • Faculty/researcher/student research projects, including statistical methodology, experimental design, data collection and analysis, and interpretation of results
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration and methodology development
  • Grant planning and development, power analysis, proposal preparation
  • Graduate student education and training in quantitative analysis skills

Service Oriented

  • Statistical advice and statistical analyses of data for clients
  • Tutorials on use of statistical software, technical support, and instruction for supported software
  • Extracting and/or converting data into a format suitable for analysis
  • Short courses on statistical topics of current interest

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