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Football Games

Recommendations for Parking during Football Games

Rutgers home football games disrupt parking and bus access to classes and other academic activities held at or near game time. Bus service will run, but may be delayed. Furthermore, the Athletics Department, which reserves parking spaces through the Department of Transportation Services, typically closes lots that will be used for spectator parking many hours before game time to allow spectators to hold small parties in the parking lot prior to games. The Director of Parking and Transportation conjectured that students attending departmental activities on days with home football games should have little trouble parking. Director Molenaar recommended entering campus off Davidson Rd. The cluster of lots 56, 55, 58 typically remain empty during football games. Director Molenaar routinely restricts entry to this area (via checkpoints on Davidson and Alison Roads) to vehicles with Rutgers hang tags. If you are attending a departmental event and do not have a standard Rutgers hang tag it is very important that you contact the department secretary to make sure that you can access our event. Director Molenaar suggests allowing extra time to reach campus; the extra time in our discussions was on the order of 20 minutes. Those arriving by train and campus bus will also be able to access classes, and should prudently allow for a similar amount of extra time.

Standard Rutgers parking privileges for lots 54, 54A, 51A, 51B or 59, 60A, 60B, and 64 near Core and Engineering will not apply on game day, as these lots are reserved for football game parking purchasers. Lot 53A (across Frelinghuysen near the golf course) will be completely closed all day.