The following are Graduate School-New Brunswick rules for summer tuition remission for students supported for part or all of an academic year on teaching assistant lines, and were confirmed in an e-mail from Harvey Waterman on 28 April 2010.

  • Students on regular TA lines are entitled to the difference between the number of credits taken and 12 for each semester as a TA, up to a maximum of three credits per semester served on the regular TA line. (That is, a student who took 8 or 9 credits for a semester as a TA is entitled to 3 credits remitted over the summer, and a student who took 10 in a semester is entitled to two credits remitted over the summer.) The total number for the summer is the sum of the credits earned in the two semesters.
  • Students on a dissertation TA line aren't entitled to any remission from state funds over the summer for those semesters served as a dissertation TA.
  • Students half-time on a regular TA line for the full year get the same remission as though they were full time for one semester.