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Rutgers Student Statistical Support Team (RSSST)

Services For Fall 2022 Semester

The Rutgers Student Statistical Support Team (RSSST) will provide free statistical consulting / support this Fall 2022 from doctoral & masters students in the Department of Statistics as part of a Fall 2022 semester statistical training course (16:960:545 Statistical Practice)

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  • Faculty/researcher/student research projects, including statistical methodology, experimental design, data collection and analysis, and interpretation of results
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration and methodology development
  • Grant planning and development, power analysis, proposal preparation
  • Graduate student education and training in quantitative analysis skills

Service Oriented

  • Statistical advice and statistical analyses of data for clients
  • Tutorials on use of statistical software, technical support, and instruction for supported software
  • Extracting and/or converting data into a format suitable for analysis
  • Short courses on statistical topics of current interest

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