Procedures for Rutgers Graduate Students for Further Study in Statistics and Biostatistics

Master of Science in Statistics and Biostatistics as a Second Degree for Current Rutgers Graduate Degree Candidates

***At this time, this option is available only to current Rutgers Ph.D. students whose thesis research contains a substantial statistical component.  Interested MS students from other Rutgers programs should apply through the ordinary channel.***

The Graduate School-New Brunswick regulations allow students who are current graduate degree candidates at Rutgers to earn an additional Master of Science Degree in another field. A new application is not required, but students interested in pursuing Statistics as a 2nd degree without submitting an application should first complete all three of 960:563, 960:582, and 960:586 with no grade lower than B+ and GPA of at least 3.65 in these three courses.  (Note that fulfillment of these three course requirements is a minimal requirement to be considered for admission to Statistics as a 2nd degree.  It does not guarantee admission to the program.) Students not fulfilling this minimum requirement will not be considered for the MS degree in Statistics.

Upon completing these courses the student must then obtain approval of their home department and the Graduate Director of statistics before being admitted to the MS as a second degree.  At the time of inquiry the Graduate Director of Statistics will request additional information from the student, including a statement of purpose for graduate study in statistics, letter of recommendation from the home department, confirmation that the student is in good standing with the home program, and a completed version of the Graduate School - New Brunswick form. Furthermore, graduate students whose tuition is being paid as part of a research assistantship should make their intention to pursue an MS degree in statistics clear to the employer paying the tuition.

Students should keep in mind that no more than 12 credits of coursework may be counted towards two Rutgers graduate degrees.

Upon successful acceptance for transfer the student must complete of the two forms, depending on whether you plan to first complete your current program before starting the program in Statistics and Biostatistics, or not complete your current program.

Doctoral Study for Current or Former Rutgers Candidates for the MS Degree in Statistics and Biostatistics

Alumni of the Rutgers MS program must formally apply for the PhD program. Current students in the Rutgers MS program should speak with the Graduate Director about changing their program.  To be considered as a transfer from the MS to PhD program, a student must have completed all requirements of first-year PhD study, including required courses and any additional requirements.  Students with a competitive performance in required coursework will be permitted to sit for the PhD written qualifying exam.  Students are permitted to take the qualifying exam at the discretion of the Graduate Director.

Study for Current Rutgers Graduate Students from Other Programs

M.S. students wishing to enter the graduate program in Statistics and Biostatistics, who are currently in other Rutgers graduate programs should submit an application for the MS degree through the usual process.