Beginning work for the Master's Degree as an Undergraduate


Joint BS-MS Program

Rutgers Undergraduates showing exceptional promise may begin their MS work before obtaining their BS degree

In order to be counted towards the MS degree, courses taken by undergraduates must not be used to satisfy the BS requirements. Students must demonstrate that these courses have not been used for their undergraduate degree by obtaining a letter from the undergraduate registrar. These courses taken before matriculation as a graduate student must then be transferred to the graduate transcript according to the rules for the transfer of credits from other universities.

Undergraduates interested in pursuing this opportunity should consult with the directors of both the graduate and undergraduate program in Statistics and Biostatistics.

Undergradutes in Graduate Classes other than through the Joint BS-MS Program

Undergraduates may also, under certain conditions, take courses offered by the Graduate Programs in Statistics and Biostatistics, even when no arrangement for transition to the MS program has been made. Interested students should first obtain the form from the graduate school. Bring the form to the graduate director for approval. The graduate director will then contact the graduate school for the approvalof the Administrator for Student Services. This arrangement will generally only be approved for students whose mathematics and statistics course grades are all B+ or better. The Graduate School -- New Brunswick will routinely approve the use of no more than 6 credits taken as an undergraduate, and in any case no more than 9 credits taken as an undergraduate, for later use towards the MS degree, and these credits must be in excess of 120 credits taken towards the BS.