MS Program Description



Admission to the Statistics graduate program at Rutgers has a number of prerequisites . Applicants may be required to take some preliminary non-graduate courses. Students are not required to have taken a formal course in statistical methods; however, students whose educational background lacks a suitable course in statistical methods may be required to take 960:484.  Credit for STAT 484 or any other undergraduate level courses (at Rutgers or elsewhere) cannot be counted toward the 30 credit graduation requirement.

Formal Credit Requirements

M.S. candidates must have at least 30 semester-hours of approved graduate credits of which no more than two may be C+ or lower.  Students must also maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. If a student takes a course a second time, both the original and any repeated grades contribute to the grade point average in the standard way,

Language Requirement

There is no foreign language requirement for the MS degree.

Transfer of Credits

Up to 12 credits of such acceptable credits may be permitted to be applied for the MS degree. This is subject to individual consideration.

A Guide for Courses and Electives for M.S. in Applied and Mathematical Statistics. 

Required Courses:
563 Regression Analysis
582 Introduction to Methods and Theory of Probability
583 Methods of Statistical Inference
586 Interpretation of Data I
590 Design of Experiments

540-541 Quality Control I and II
542 Life Data Analysis
545 Statistical Practice
553 Categorical Data Analysis
554 Applied Stochastic Processes
555 Nonparametric Statistics
565 Applied Time Series Analysis
567 Applied Multivariate Analysis
568 Bayesian Data Analysis
575 Acceptance Sampling Theory
576 Survey Sampling
584-585 Biostatistics I and II
587 Interpretation of Data II
588 Data Mining
591 Advanced Design of Experiments
595 Intermediate Probability
Approved graduate courses related to statistics


(i) Options in Biostatistics, Data Mining, and Quality and Productivity Management are also available.
(ii) At approval of Graduate Director: 580 may be replaced by 582, and credit will only be given for one of 580 and 582.
(iii) 582 and 583 can be replaced by 592 and 593, respectively.
(iv) Can only have credit for one of 580, 582, 592.
(v) Can only have credit for one of 583, 593.

Research Requirements

The M.S. degree requires the submission of a paper on some topic in statistics. Ordinarily, this will be satisfied by the submission of an acceptable paper done as a course project.

Examination Requirements

Upon completion of courses, the M.S. candidate must pass a written examination covering the basic material of taken course work. This exam is in two parts, with theory and applications tested separately. A student may attempt this exam no more than 4 times.